This weekend, in a break from routine, we traveled to my hometown, my beloved Caripe. A picturesque little town located in the north of the state of Monagas, in the east of Venezuela.

    Caripe is characterized by beautiful natural landscapes and a wonderful mountain climate. It is cold and tasty most of the year, reaching its lowest temperatures in December and January; fortunately for the locals, coffee and cocoa are harvested, so we warm the body with a good cup of coffee or a delicious chocolate.

    Those who know or have heard of it immediately associate it with the famous Cueva del Guácharo, in fact some call it Caripe El Guácharo. And it is right in front of this natural wonder where today I want to take you with this photographic record, a beautiful landscape that often goes unnoticed by tourists.

    In this opportunity, we moved to the La Paila waterfall, a waterfall of approximately 45 meters high, from which drinking water is supplied to some nearby communities.

    The route reaches 1200 meters from the main road to the waterfall itself, which are completed in about 20 or 30 minutes of walking, depending on the pace. Along the way, you are surrounded by dense, damp vegetation that keeps the climate always cool.

    It has not rained frequently in the municipality, so the water flow is quite low for the usual, however, the water temperature if it was at its point, 14 ºC on average.

    If you decide to visit it, do it in comfortable clothes, non-slip shoes, the road has many steep steps covered with silt. And if you’re a little braver, you can wear swimwear and take a dip.


All images are my own.

Some captured with the lens of an Apple iPhone 7, others with a Samsung S9.
Edition: Adobe Photoshop CS3

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