During my last visit to Caripe, I took the opportunity to take many photographs, among them of its flowers, which abound in almost all its corners, not in vain is this beautiful town known as the Garden of the Orient. Its climate is the perfect ally for the formation of many of them.

One of my great aunts, who has spent her whole life in this land, is a lover of flowers, in fact for many decades she has had her own greenhouse, more for her personal satisfaction than for any economic purpose, as she always says: there is no price for love.

She speaks to them, sings to them and sometimes even scolds them if they have taken too long to show all their splendor. It has a great variety: roses, lilies, orchids, a long etcetera and my favorite ones, the Trinitarian ones.

Of the Trinitarian or bougainvillea, its scientific name, I have learned that in some countries they take advantage of its flower to make infusions that help to combat respiratory diseases associated with asthma and flu.

However, in naming them, I always remember an old piece of advice from my grandmother, who said that this bush was so beautiful that it should not be in the home of a married couple, because it kept the man away from home and the woman always ended up alone.
I don’t know how much truth there is in her words, though by chance in the houses where I have seen them bloom, the woman is alone.

In any case, so as not to take risks, I avoid planting them in my garden hahaha. I am happy to admire them every time I walk in my aunt’s gardens.

**And what do you know about them?**

All images are my own.

Captured with the lens of an Apple iPhone 7.
Edition: Microsoft Office 2010

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